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APGML delegation arrives in Pakistan

A delegation of Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering, arrived in Pakistan on Monday for a 10-day visit, Radio Pakistan reported.
The FATF-style regional body for the Asia-Pacific region will review measures taken by the country to check money laundering and terror financing.
Pakistan has taken a series of measures as per the FATF rules. In July, it upgraded its border posts systems and ensured better coordination among its agencies to address FATF concerns regarding smuggling of currency by terrorist groups operating along the border with Afghanistan.
The cross-border movement of currency by the UN-designated groups were among the four key areas of concerns that became the base for placing Pakistan on the greylist maintained by the FATF.
However, these allegations were denied by Pakistan.
Earlier, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew extended United Kingdom’s support to help Pakistan come out of the FATF greylist.
“In my first meeting with the new government, I offered technical help to make sure it does not stay too long in grey list,” Drew said.
“Pakistan has done very well during the last five months on the issue of FATF. We are investing to help Pakistan to meet criteria of FATF,” he added.