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Press Releases - Malaysian Business Delegation Visit BOI's IFC-Peshawar


Press Release # 1

Foreign Investment for Lapidary & Gemstone Mining meeting successfully concluded in Peshawar
Peshawar 19th September, 2018 Mr. Dato Hisman of M/s Strategic Swiss Partners (SSP) led a 2 member Malaysian business delegation on the Foreign Investment for Lapidary and Gemstone Mining held in Peshawar today.
The Meeting was organized by the Board of Investment, IFC, Peshawar at the conference hall of KP BoIT Office and was chaired by CEO KP BOIT, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Awan. The meeting was attended by KP Government departments including KP BOIT, KP EZDMC, KP Mine and Mineral Department, SMEDA, FATA investment Facilitation Authority, and Gems and Gemological Institute of Pakistan.
 While addressing the opening session of the meeting, CEO KPBOIT said that Pakistan with its 207 million strong consumer base, growing economy and skilled workforce offers an excellent opportunity to the Malaysian company for investment in KP. He invited them to benefit from Pakistan’s lucrative and liberal investment policies. He assured them government’s full support and facilitation of their investment in Pakistan.
Engineer Muhammad Asif, Deputy Director, Prime Minister’s Office Board of Investment, said that Pakistan economy was going through a transformation with large scale infrastructure development and connectivity projects being undertaken under CPEC. He said it is high time for Malaysian companies to explore Pakistan which is fast becoming a regional hub for trade and business in the sector of Mining and Minerals.
Mr. Dato Hisham business partner M/s Strategic Swiss Partners (SSP) appreciated Board of Investment, IFC’s Initiative to hold the meeting in Peshawar and elaborated on the interests of their investors regarding investment in Lapidary and Gemstone Mining in KP. He also emphasized that his organization would only encourage agreement with the govt of KP and not private sector on Mining.
Representative of KPEDZMC shared with the visiting delegation regarding a govt of KP owned company wherein they can have a JV and convince KP govt for PPP on Emrald Mining. KP department of Mines & Minerals also expressed its favorable views on the proposals.
Representative of Fata Investment Facilitation Authority (FIFA) endorsed the proposal, however requested the delegation to submit a letter of interest along with their profile, experience, success stories and business plan so that a proper homework is ensured and a relevant reply is framed for the company.
On the occasion, Mr. Naveed Masood, Director, Gems & Geological Institute of Pakistan, Peshawar apprised the delegation regarding the conventional infrastructure being employed at the institute where in student are trained to become entrepreneurs in future. Mr. Dato Hishm also agreed to visit the facility.
 Mr. Nazir Ahmad Awan, CEO KPBOIT also held separate meeting with Mr. Dato Hisham , Ms. Maznah and Engineer Muhammad Asif, D.D BoI, IFC, Peshawar and discussed the modalities of approaching the govt of KP for their interest in getting leases of Mines on PPP mode.
Press Release # 2
The Malaysian delegation has been facilitated by BoI IFC Peshawar to visit the facility of GGIP Peshawar wherein the proposals for mutual cooperation has also been discussed that would upgrade the equipment and technology of GGIP on the lines of that used in Swiss. Mutual collaboration on giving scholarships and onward certificates from swiss university was also discussed to which the Malaysian delegation agreed to submit a proposal to BoI that will be materialized after due consideration with BoI, M/o Commerce and M/o Finance.
Press Release # 3
Later in the day, the Malaysian delegation met a team of All Pakistan Commercial Exports Association (apcea) Peshawar led by its Chairman. During the discussion several issues of mutual interest were discussed which were highly appreciated by both teams. The Malaysian delegation proposed the apcea team to submit a written proposal and draft agreement on the lines of future cooperation with apcea on establishing Lapidary centers in KP and Gemstone Mining. The Malaysian delegation was also apprised about the potential of Marble & other minerals mining in KP to which they got highly interested and requested apcea to write a mini feasibility report on the establishment of Marble Mining facility at KP. The meeting was ended with a vote of thanks and the chairman apcea invited the Malaysian delegation to visit Peshawar any time after muharram to see the level of facility and expertise that has been employed at Peshawar. Both the parties have expressed their desire to translate this initial meeting into viable business plan and ensure quick FDI into KP and Pakistan.