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Wapda ready to support Maldives in development of power infrastructure


Chairman Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain (Retd) has said that Wapda is ready to support Maldives in development of its infrastructure in power sector.

He was talking to a four-member delegation of Maldives State Electric Company (STELCO), headed by its Chairman Ahmed Aiman. The delegation is on a 6-day state visit to Pakistan to learn from the experience of Wapda and benefit from its technical and human capabilities.
Wapda Chairman briefly apprised the members of Maldive delegation of Wapda’s charter of duties, the infrastructure development by Wapda in water and power sectors in Pakistan during the last 60 years, and the portfolio of development projects it is implementing at present. He said that Wapda, being the largest engineering organization in the country, has been playing a pivotal role in economic progress and social uplift in Pakistan by developing unprecedented infrastructure in both water and power sectors.
Cognizant of the significance of trained human resources, Wapda has developed an integrated system to impart training to its employees, so as to enable them to discharge their duties in an efficient manner. We, fortunately, have a pool of knowledge, expertise and training facilities with us and STELCO can make benefit from it.
The Maldivian delegation, thanked Wapda Chairman for arrangement of their visit to Wapda House and its training institutes. The delegation head informed that STELCO is the largest power producing company of Maldives, and is keen to learn from Wapda’s experience for development of their power sector infrastructure.