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CPEC offers countless investment opportunities in tourism sector

General Manager Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Ali Akbar Malik has said that along the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), there are countless opportunities for investment in tourism sector from Khunjab to Gwadar.
For the development of tourism, he further said that the private community as well as the local community needs to raise awareness about tourism, so that high and quality facilities are available to the foreign and foreign tourists.
Speaking in a meeting with a ten member delegation comprising tour operators from Southwest China led by President of the Chendu Overseas Travel Heyu Guan here, he said that tourism interests could be created by highlighting regional development and culture. Brochures will be published in Chinese language for the participation of Chinese people and PTDC’s website is also translated into Chinese.
Head of delegation Heyu Guansaid that Pakistani food is much liked by Chinese. Each year more than one million visitors from Chengdu province visit different countries every year in the country of Chengdu province, for them Pakistan can be a unique place. It is important for setting up tour packages and cooperation between tour operators.
If Pakistan’s tour operators and national tourism office promote tourism destinations of Pakistan through mobile apps, Chinese language and social media through their tourist places, China can turn into largest tourist generating country of Pakistan. Other members of the group include Xia-lu, Le Kang, Ling Zhau, Xiyue Liu, Pei Lu, Fan Shao, Ji Cui, YiFeng Duan and Tianyi Shae.
Ali Akbar Malik further said that Pakistan and China’s brutal relations have been ideal for the past 70 years and they are strengthening the formation of CPEC and due to this economic corridor, the world has focused on this region.
‘China is the top outbound tourist generating country in the world and China has also given Pakistan the status of most favorable country, so it is important that tour operators of both countries to establish links to promote tourism jointly. Pakistan is a peaceful country where tourism has a unique opportunity. The time is not far when the world will feel that Pakistan is truly a paradise’ he maintained.