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EzDealz game show triggers massive ratings: Pakistan now on radar of global investors

Technology and innovation has become an integral part of the modern civilization. It is shaping our present and our future. Pakistan is now on the radar of global investors. With the recent $100 million acquisition of by Chinese tech giant Alibaba and other Silicon Valley investments into companies like Finja it is evident that Pakistan is definitely gaining traction.
New on this landscape is a UAE based start up called EzDealz. A digital discount coupons and vouchers mobile app that is currently available to users in Pakistan and Bangladesh. EZDEALZ has taken the Pakistan market by storm introducing the region's first ever LIVE interactive game show titled EzJeet meaning easy win played on their platform. In less than a week the app has been downloaded by 40,000 people and is growing at almost 3000 new users a day. The EzDealz game show has triggered massive TV ratings for AAJ News and is witnessing an unprecedented response by the general public.
The founder and owner of EzDealz is the well known celebrity Fakhr Alam who is also the host of the Pakistani version of the show. Every night he engages the viewers through LIVE TV and asks questions LIVE on TV for which the viewer answers through their smartphones using the EzDealz mobile application. International airline tickets, motorbikes, LED TVs, cash and so many more exciting prizes are up for grabs.
The EzDealz app has not only made a massive impact on the tech industry but has redefined the domestic television broadcast industry as well. It is fresh, it is highly addictive and highly engaging. The comments on the EzDealz Pakistan Facebook page suggest that the users are passionate about the platform. The buzz is loud and clear with millenials and the older generation alike.
CEO of EzDealz Omar Hassan says "We did not expect such a massive response. We were prepared but not for this. Currently our tech crews are working round the clock to keep up with the demand. We have been exhausting all our cloud capacity on a daily basis and are adding more capacity everyday. There is a massive amount of data we are getting. It's just surreal. We are committed to making EzDealz a complete digital companion for users. From finding users great discount deals around them to a solid gaming experience. EZDEALZ will be the users top go to app. Our founder Fakhr Alam has a global vision. He made it clear this is going to be an international platform from day one and that's what we are working on."
Scanning through the reviews on the Google play store and app store we observed most comments praising the app as if it was a superstar with a cult following. Give or take a very few unhappy users who haven't won anything. A big number of comments demanded the duration of the game to be increased and more questions to be added to the game.
With a growing number of downloads and an increasing TV audiences it has put EzDealz in an upward spiral at a very fast pace. Speaking to us the founder Fakhr Alam said as a digital discount coupons app they are already live in two countries. He sees the EzDealz platform going live in UAE, UK and USA in the next few months and is working on bringing the LIVE gaming platform to all these markets. It is definitely a Herculean task whether EzDealz has enough funding to make this happen is to be seen. The app has not started monetizing yet but has gained phenomenal traction. This is one technology start up from the region to keep your eyes on.-PR