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Businessman Panel allegations false & misleading: UBG

WHILE commenting on the advertisement published by the Businessman Panel in the Newspaper the United Businessmen Group (UBG) vehemently condemned and declared it misstatement, misleading and misconceived thereby asserting false and fictitious allegation on UBG – the ruling Group of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). The advertisement, published by Mr. Anjum Nisar of Businessman Panel who lost twice FPCCI election as President and SVP with wide margin, seems to be emitting the frustration of Businessman panel after exhausting all legal forums and judicial platforms permissible under the law including Election Commission formed by EC, DGTO, Hona’ble High Courts of Islamabad, Sind, Baluchistan, KPK and Punjab where they lost their all cases and petitions challenging the eligibility of previous free and fair election held in December 2017 under the supervision of Rtd Judge of Sind High Court. Since UBG has swept elections of FPCCI for the last four years with majority particularly the election 2018 all seats were won by FPCCI which hardly digested by Businessman Panel. The Trade Bodies of FPCCI licensed by the DGTO has imposed a great confidence on the leadership of UBG which rescued FPCCI from the monopolist group of Businessman Panel which had exploited its resources badly.
United Business Group which by the grace of God is currently the biggest representative group of the business community of Pakistan which was founded 4 years ago has brought about quality leadership in the FPCCI resulting in immense improvement in the affairs of the FPCCI which were being mismanaged since last many years under the incompetent and inept leadership of the Businessmen Panel resulting in pushing the affairs and repute of FPCCI in shambles.
The untiring day and night efforts of the United Business Group (UBG) has immensely added value and repute to the FPCCI which can be easily adjudged from the importance/weight-age being given to the FPCCI by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and other Federal and Provincial functionaries in economic building/development matters resulting in their frequent audiences with the office bearers of FPCCI. FPCCI’s representation and recognition at different International forums namely Islamic CC&I, ECO CC&I, SAARC CC&I, D-8 CC&I, Shanghai Cooperation Council, Commonwealth and CACCI is being witnessed during the tenure of the UBG which were dormant in previous regime. Such progress and performance of UBG somehow does not go down well with the opposition forces and accordingly they continue to resort to such malicious and deplorable series of defamatory editions at different mediums.
Though the list of incompetency of the Businessmen Panel during their ruling days, which had negatively impacted the FPCCI remains un-exhaustive, but, amongst those, most noticeable one undoubtedly remains the pendency of the FPCCI building project in Islamabad which had remained incomplete for the last several years. Since UBG has taken over the charge of the affairs at the FPCCI, the said projects has been completed in the record time and also proving out to be a business hub for the business community located in the Islamabad and adjoining areas. The inept leadership of the previous regime of Businessman Panel had almost brought FPCCI to the brink of liquidity crunch at one time when FPCCI had almost run out of funds in order to meet its day to day expenses and also to meet the salary requirements of its personnel’s’ which later had to be managed from the contingent reserves.
After taking over the charge of the affairs of FPCCI by UBG, the financial decision making has improved to maximum which has resulted in improving the financial health of FPCCI. Moreover the financial decision making includes but not limited to personal financial investment in the infrastructure of Head office and Capital office of FPCCI. The false and misguiding information regarding M/s. Hilal Products has been time and again rebutted by the FPCCI and the respective Association itself.
The said piece of information about the cancellation of the license of M/s Halal Products & Services Association of Pakistan is concocted and fact distorting as the license of HPSAP has never been cancelled by the Ministry of Commerce, rather the decision of the Regulator TO on delay submission of the documents for the renewal of the license by the said Association has accordingly being condoned by the Secretary Commerce. The spokesperson of UBG further said that all the Capital and Regional offices of the FPCCI are fully operational and discharging their responsibilities as per Trade Organization Act 2013 and the rules drafted there under.
In the backdrop of CPEC activities, FPCCI plans to open another branch office in Gwadar for which the land has already been acquired which will prove out to be a landmark achievement to facilitate the business community in investment advisory activities. As per Chairman UBG Iftikhar Ali Malik, nine story SAARC building is in advance stage of completion which is an honour for our country. Mr. Mazhar Ali Nasir, Sr. Vice President FPCCI representing FPCCI at international economic forum St. Peters Burg Russia attended by various head of states. He also represented Pakistan at world renowned channels including Bloomberg.