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SMEDA to conduct research study on 20 mineral clusters

PESHAWAR: Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) will conduct Feasibility/Research Study on cluster development based mineral transformation Plan V-2025 for the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms (MPD&R). 
In this connection a formal agreement has been signed between the both parties in wake of the winning of a contract for the conducting the study in open bidding. 
Under the agreement signed between the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), a statutory body of the Ministry of Industries in collaboration with the former will conduct Feasibility/ Research Study on Cluster Development Based Mineral Transformation Plan V-2025 with the aim to improve productivity in the mines and mineral sector, enhance exports, increase value addition and create jobs to the extent to bring it to a level for attracting national/international investment and for ultimate utilization of these mineral commodities on scientific lines for the benefit of the common man in the larger national interest. 
For the achievement of the objective by both the parties, at first instance, the MPD&R will pay Rs.39.501 million to the SMEDA in order to conduct the ‘Feasibility/Research Study on Cluster Development Based Mineral Transformation Plan V-2025’ initially for twenty mineral clusters. 
After the both parties accomplish the viability of conducting the study on twenty clusters, the SMEDA with the active support of the MPD&R will initiate the Feasibility Research Study within six months after signing the agreement and complete the study within six months upon terms and conditions and Terms of References (TORs) of the study. 
Under the agreement, MPD&R will provide all possible technical support to the SMEDA as and when required while the later will help the former in negotiating and dealing with the locals, political administration or any other governmental or non-governmental bodies or persons for any matter for conducting the feasibility/research study in four provinces, GB, AJK and FATA. 
SMEDA after receiving the mutually negotiated facilities will commence immediate work after the signing of agreement and will complete the feasibility study within six months. 
steering committee will provide policy guidelines and review & monitor progress and activities of the project periodically. The quorum for each meeting of the steering committee will be eight with at least four members of each party. 
Otherwise, the meeting would stand adjourned.