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Govt doubles GDP, revenue growth: Haroon

ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to PM on Revenue/Federal Minister Senator Haroon Akhtar Khan has said the government has doubled the national GDP growth as well as tax revenue and halved the inflation during the last five years.
"The economic indicators themselves are a proof of the gains we have achieved on these fronts and this has been made possible by the prudent and realistic economic policies of the government," he said while talking to participants of the 108th National Management Course who visited the FBR House here Wednesday to have a strategic vision and understanding of the working of FBR and its role in the fiscal policy.
He noted that Pakistan's imports were increasingly mainly because of buoyancy and strength of the economy and demand for foreign machinery for the burgeoning local industry.
"We have been able to arrest and reverse the declining trend in our exports which since July last year have rebounded, showing almost 12 per cent growth," he said.
However, he said a long-term solution to the country's economic woes lay in strengthening the manufacturing base to achieve and ensure a sustainable 7 per cent growth rate in coming years.
"In my view, building the manufacturing base and using cheap labour available in Pakistan is the key to jumpstarting growth in the country," he said.
The minister pointed out that despite hardships, low inflation and cheap prices, particularly of petrol which was the cheapest in Pakistan throughout this region, the tax machinery had done exceedingly well by almost doubling the tax revenues during the last five years.
"The government has doubled tax revenue of 2013 with continuous efforts," he added.
He said that because of enhanced revenue, the government had been able to transfer an extra Rs3000 billion to the provinces during the last five years, allowing the provincial governments greater fiscal space and freedom to launch and execute mega projects.
Meanwhile, Haroon chaired a meeting of the high-powered Implementation Committee-Tax Reforms Commission (TRC) at the FBR House Wednesday to review and discuss various proposals and recommendations regarding taxation for the upcoming budget.
The minister underlined that the government was aiming for a balanced and pro-growth budget focusing more on relief and incentives for the filers and disincentives for the non-filers with a view to broadening the tax base.
He said the government wanted to facilitate the business community by providing them a level-playing field to grow their businesses and contribute to revenue generation.
Source: The Nation