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Sindh governor discusses business ties with Britain


KARACHI: British Minister for Asia and Pacific Mark Field and Minister for Trade Greg Hands met with Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair, who was on an official visit to Britain, to discuss business relations between the two countries.

According to a spokesman for the Governor House, Zubair discussed bilateral relations particularly in the context of investment and business. It was acknowledged that there existed enough room to increase Pakistan’s exports to Britain and the current imports of Pakistani goods were negligible. “We need to strengthen our trade relations along with traditional cordiality,” Zubair was quoted to have told the British ministers.
Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Syed Ibne Abbas was also present in the meeting. Discussing the road shows organised in Britain to showcase business as well as investment opportunities in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh, the governor urged the British ministers to exercise their influence in promoting mutual interest of the two countries.
Pakistan, he said, was at the forefront in the ongoing war against terrorism and had paid a heavy price for the cause, remarked the governor. “Our friends in the west need to realise our position and play their role to ensure that achievements made by Pakistan do not go in the vain,” he emphasised.
Claiming that Pakistan’s economic policy was paying off with a steady increase in investment opportunities, he said more and more multinational companies were running their outlets in the country’s commercial hub Karachi as well as in other major cities.
The British authorities were appreciative of the measures adopted by the government of Pakistan and assured it of their cooperation.