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China Mobile vows to reinvest revenues in Pakistan


LAHORE: China Mobile Pakistan (CMP) has promised that it will reinvest its domestic earnings in Pakistan’s cellular market through its subsidiary Zong.

A statement issued by the company on Thursday said CMP, itself a subsidiary of telecoms giant China Mobile Communications Corporation, would divert its focus towards Pakistan’s digital infrastructure under the auspices of the infrastructure-centred Belt and Road initiative.
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The company boasted about the significant investment already made by it in expanding Pakistan’s communications infrastructure.
“Any revenue earned from the people of Pakistan will be spent back on the people of Pakistan to give them a stable, advanced and reliable (communications) network,” CMP spokesperson and Corporate Affairs and Strategy Director Maham Dard stated.
“Our first goal is to help the Pakistani people adopt a digital lifestyle. We will continue to reinvest in Pakistan, on the Pakistani people.”
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According to the statement, Zong 4G will further scale up its network by increasing the number of its 3G/4G sites to around 10,500 by the end of current year. CMP has already invested $3 billion in establishing its internet services in Pakistan.