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Chinese see bright prospects for investment in Pak agri sector


BEIJING - China and Pakistan could make good way in promoting their agriculture market through cooperative partnership, said Jack Ren, Overseas Sale Manager, Anhui Jianghuai Horticulture Seeds Company.

They see bright prospects making investment in agriculture sector, he said while talking to local media.
About his company's work in Pakistan, he said they started investment in agriculture market in 2005. At the beginning, we went the Pakistan market just for digging the latest markets information. But, later, they found very attractive business opportunity.
We had several melon and watermelon varieties, and this sample was shred with Pakistani farmers in Lahore and Peshawar.
The Pakistan ' weather is similar with west of China. Only the planting skill is different between Pakistan and China. So our boss (chief breeder) went to the Pakistani farmer's field to communicate with local farmers. He taught the Pakistani farmers when to transplant, when to flowering and other skill, he added.
Also our varieties had showed a great performance in Pakistan field. Recently, our melon and watermelon varieties had found a huge marker, especially for melon. Until 2016, 30% of Pakistan' market belonged to our company.
Mainly, they are doing breeding and research work, so we have the ability to know more detailed information about the Pakistan relating to agro technology and local people living and food habits.
The next first step of development strategy is to sustain our position in Pakistan market. We are focusing on increasing percent sharing and research more new suitable varieties (watermelon, pepper, cucumber).
Jack Ren said they were looking forward inviting here some Pakistani agro-based companies for new agro technology exchanges. He was of the view that Pakistan business environment is less open than in China. The farmers had to pay the high price. But the market is quiet good for business.
The One belt and One road was connecting the Asian countries more closely and the world at large. China Pakistan Economic corridor is beneficial for us. Under this corridor the cooperation would be enhanced.
“We are looking forward to sharing the new skill , new products with Pakistan,” he said, adding they hope the respective governments could become the bridge to connect them.
For both sides, the price and skills are two most important things that may help in cooperation. When Pakistani market has the new skill and a suitable environment, the cooperation will increase and Pakistan is always our priority, he added. [INP]