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Press Release - Detailed Presentation/Meeting on CPEC


Prime Minister’s Office
Board of Investment
(Media Section)

Islamabad 15th May, 2017:  Mr. Abid Suleri, Executive Director, Sustainable Development Policy Institute visited BOI on the invitation of the Secretary, BOI Mr. Azher Ali Choudhry to give detailed presentation / meeting on CPEC to the officers of BOI for updated information. The Secretary, BOI Chair the presentation/ meeting.  
Mr. Abid Suleri, highlighted the investment policy and incentives available in Pakistan and also shared his experience and future plans in energy sector development in Pakistan. He also emphasized the projects, which needs to be low electricity consumption. 
Dr. Suleri also informed that non-availability of ideal infrastructure facilities like Roads/Rail/Fiber optic, which is the main hurdle in attracting FDI in Pakistan. Dr. Suleri specifically discussed the project in CPEC with regard to energy, roads, Gwadar ports, railways, fiber optic and transportation system etc. He further informed regarding one belt one road, which will connect 64 countries of Middle East and Central Asia, which contributes 55% of the global DGP. Dr. Suleri emphasized on the framing a set of complimentary reforms, including streamlining of tax and tariffs regime, trade facilitation, i.e. increasing the transparency of trade regulations, simplifying, standardizing, and modernizing import, export, and custom’s procedures, and improving the conditions for transit. He further added that the major 9 elements of CPEC re-grouped into 3 elements, which are as under:-
- FDI:
Chinese FDI in Pakistan prior to CPEC
Chinese FDI under CPEC under Early Harvest Projects
Chinese FDI under CPEC Long Term Plan
- Connectivity & Transportation
Between different regions of Pakistan
Between China and Pakistan
Between Middle East and Africa with China and beyond and of Central Asia and Russia with Pakistan; down the road, between South Asia and China and beyond.
- Regional Integration
Domestic Commerce integration within Pakistan
Trade Integration between China and Pakistan
Between China-Pakistan hub with third countries
He also discussed the CPEC Framework in detail in the context of Energy Cooperation, Infrastructure Development, Gwadar Port and Industrial Cooperation (Investment & Industrial Cooperation, Gwadar Free Zone and other industrial parks to be finalized).
Secretary, BOI thanked Dr. Suleri for giving a detailed presentation on the projects and scope of CPEC in Pakistan and requested him to help also in some sectorial studies in the areas of construction, automotive, mining & minerals, information technology and agriculture. The Secretary, BOI, Mr. Ali Azher Choudhry appreciated his efforts and intention to boost investment, trade and economic growth in Pakistan. The Secretary, BOI also directed that we may together work for ease of doing business and attract more and more investment in CPEC and other SEZs of the country.
(Shah Jahan Shah)
Additional Secretary/Spokesmen