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Pakistan-SCO Business Council launched

ISLAMABAD (INP): Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum launched “Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Business Council” in a ceremony held wherein representative Ambassadors of Permanent Member Countries of SCO and members of the FPCCI were present to support the establishment of the Pak-SCO Business Council.
The Business Council is established keeping in view the upcoming presence of Pakistan as a permanent member country in the Summit of Heads of States that is scheduled to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan in June this year. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is larger regional grouping and emerging alliance of countries of the region for peace, prosperity and development.
While speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of Republic of Tajikistan, Mr. Sherali Jononov explained the core values of the SCO and the functioning of the organization. He said that the grouping is focusing more on strengthening mutual confidence, good neighborly relations among the member countries, promoting effective trade and economy among the member states.
Ambassador, People’s Republic of China, Sun Weidong said that SCO is established based on essence of Shanghai Spirit which is about mutual trust, equality mutual trust and have win a win cooperation among states. The core value has help safeguarding the regional security, stability and promoting regional development hence the SCO has became a unique model of efficient cooperation by paying equal attention simultaneously to economic development and security cooperation.
Ambassador of Russian Federation, Mr. Alexey Yurievich Dedov highlighted the special features of the SCO including the Business Council, Interbank Consortium and other related structures within the organization for the promotion of the trade, business and cooperation between the countries. 
Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan, Furkat Sadikov said that Uzbekistan fully supported Pakistan’s presence in the multilateral organization and further said that presence of the country in the organization will bid well for the promotion of multilateral cooperation including business to business linkages.