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Service Process Wizard





Branch/Liaison Office
Board of Investment (BOI) grants permission to foreign companies to open their Branch Office and Liaison Office in Pakistan.

Branch Office: Branch Office is established by a foreign company to fulfill its contractual obligations with the public or private sector in Pakistan. Their activity will be restricted to the work mentioned in the agreement/contract signed. However they cannot undertake any commercial/trading activities.

Liaison Office: Liaison Office is established by a foreign company for promotion of product(s), provision of technical advice & assistance, exploring the possibility of joint collaboration and export promotion. However they cannot undertake any commercial/trading activities.

Period of Permission: The permission shall be issued for a period of 1-5 years.

Renewal: The permission granted by BOI shall be renewable subject to provision of all required documents and fees.


 Step1:   Required Documents (one original and five copies along-with a soft copy via email:

  • Application form (duly filled in and signed with stamp).

  • Copy of registration of company duly attested by respective Pak Embassy.

  • Copy of Article of Memorandum of Association duly attested by Pak Embassy.

  • Copy of Resolution/Authority letter of the company to establish Branch/Liaison Office in Pakistan.

  • Company Profile.

  • CV of Designated person authorized to act on behalf of the company + Passport copy/CNIC.

  • Copy of contract agreement (in case of Branch office only).

  • One original set and five copies are requested of all above documents

  • Fees 3000/2000 US $ for Branch/Liaison office respectively for initial period of one year. 1500 US $ for Sub-Office of Branch Office and 1000 US$ for Sub-Office of Liaison Office. The amount (US$ or equivalent in Pak Rupees) shall be deposited in the Board of Investment Account being maintained with National Bank of Pakistan, Main Branch, Civic Centre, Islamabad. Details of Account are:-

  • a)     Title of Account: Board of Investment

    b)    PLS Account No. 44991-2,

    c)     Branch Code - 0341.

    d)    Swift Code- NBPAPKKA02I

    e)     IBAN – PK07NBPA0341003035205436

    Renewal of Branch Office

    ·        Copy of valid Contract agreements along with their duration.

    ·        Income Tax Returns (for the last 03 years)

    ·        Copy of latest Financial Statement (duly audited)

    ·        Proceeds Realization Certificates

    ·       Renewal Charges for each year @ US $ 1000 per year (1-5 years renewal based on the request of the company).


    Renewal of Liaison Office

    ·        Performance/Activity Report

    ·        Receipt and Payment Statement

    ·        Proceeds Realization Certificates.

    ·     Renewal Charges for each year @ US $ 500 per year (1-5 years renewal based on the    request of the company).


Step-2: Evaluation


  • On receipt of above documents BOI examines the documents and circulates the same to all concerned quarters for their comments, views/NOC.

Step-3: Issuance of Permission


  • BOI issues permission after completion of 7 weeks time period. The said permission shall be liable to be cancelled, if adverse remarks are reported or NOC is not supported by any concerned quarter at later stage.
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 Note: The fee offered on services by BoI are REVISED/LEVIED w.e.f. 01st January, 2017