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Service Process Wizard





BOI evaluates and recommends cases for issuance of Airport Entry Passes to those investors/companies whose equity investment is maintained equal/more than US$ 10 million in the country.

The companies those have Equity Investment up to volume of US$ 10Million are entitled for one Airport Entry Pass and subsequently Equity Investment up to US$ 20Million for two (2). For three (03) Airport Entry Passes the equity investment of the company is required up to volume of US$ 50Million in the matter.



(Companies having/maintaining US$10 million are entitled for Air Port Entry Pass)

Companies download application forms:-


  • Covering letter of the company

  • Application form duly filled in (airport entry Pass form) (in triplicate).

  • Certified copy of latest audited financial statement indicating equity investment of the company.

  • Security Clearance Form (in triplicate)

  • Copy of each CNIC,

  • Departmental card

  • Old Airport Entry Pass.

  • Security Clearance from SSP, Special Branch.

  • Colour Photograph (5 Nos) 

  • Original / proof of Airport Entry Pass processing fee US$100 (equal in Pak rupees). The amount shall be deposited in the Board of Investment PLS Account No. 44991-2 being maintained with National Bank of Pakistan, Main Branch, Civic Centre, Islamabad.

  • Airport Entry Pass Form.

 Note: The fee on services offered by BoI are REVISED/LEVIED FROM 01st January, 2017

Required Documents.

  • Application form duly filled in (airport entry Pass form).
  • Security Clearance Form
  • Copy of each CNIC, departmental card and Old Airport Entry Pass.
  • Special Branch security Clearance report.
  • Certified copy of latest audited financial statement indicating equity investment of the company.
  • BOI examines the application submitted by the companies specifically latest financial statement.



BOI recommends the cases to Aviation Division for issuance of AEP as per following details:

  • Upto 10 Million US $ = 1 Airport Entry Pass.
  • Upto 20 Million US $ = 2 Aiport Entry Passes.
  • Upto 50 Million US $ = 3 Airport Entry Passes.