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Service Process Wizard





Work Visas are granted to foreign technical and managerial personnel for the purpose of imparting technical know-how and skills to the local population. The duration of work visa is one to two years.

As per Visa Policy cases of grant and extension of Work Visas are processed within 4 weeks by BOI.

Special Work Visa Procedure for Expatriates working in Chinese Companies:
In order to facilitate Chinese investment in Pakistan the period for grant of work visa has been reduced from four weeks to seven working days.

This facility is available for all foreign expatriates working on projects in public and private sectors by Chinese companies, which are approved by the Government of Pakistan.

The duration of Work Visa has been increased up to maximum five year.

The "Certificate" needs to be submitted alongwith other required document Prescribed Form alongwith work visa request for this purpose.

For further Information regarding other visa issues please visit

Visa Policy-Ministry of Interior 

Business Friendly List (BVL)


  • The sponsors registered in Pakistan apply for work visa on Prescribed Form to BOI to process their applications alongwith copies of following documents.

i. Company’s covering letter stating the period of visa required and other necessary detials.

ii. Passport’s consisting of three pages i.e, information, entry and last visa page.

iii. Coloured Photographs.

iv. Company's Registration Certificate

v. Employment agreements.

vi. Confirmation/ guarantee of the credentials of the expatriates by the company on their letter head.

vii. Company profile.

viii. Work / Family visa processing fee details.

ix. Original / proof of Work Visa processing fee US$100 (equal in Pak rupees) for one year work visa. The amount shall be deposited in the Board of Investment PLS Account No. 44991-2 being maintained with National Bank of Pakistan, Main Branch, Civic Centre, Islamabad.

Note: Five sets of above documents are required to submitted by the company except of Company Profile for which 2 sets are required.

The fee on services offered by Board of Investment are REVISED/LEVIED w.e.f. 01st January, 2017

Image result for blinking new icon for websiteIn Order to Facilitate the expatriates, BoI has launched submission of Online Work Visa Application initially in a test environment for feedback/suggestions to improve the overall system, for more details please click

  • On receipt of complete documents from sponsors, BOI examines the documents and forwards the case to the concerned stakeholders for their views / comments.
  • Letter of Acknowledgement is sent to compnay.
  • In case views / comments / report is not received within stipulated period of 04 weeks from stakeholders, BOI issues recommendation for the grant / extension of work visa to Ministry of Interior for issuance of visa advice to Pak-Missions abroad / Regional Passport Offices in Pakistan.
  • If case is not cleared by the stakeholders, the work visa is cancelled immediately.

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