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President's Message

With its unique geo-strategic location, vast human resources and a huge untapped growth potential, Pakistan provides attractive incentives and liberal policies for investment in all sectors of the economy for foreign and local investors.


Dr. Arif Alvi
President of the Islamic
Republic of Pakistan

Prime Minister's Message

With over 180 million inhabitants, Pakistan offers its investors a strong and large consumer market with an ever expanding middle class. Strategically placed at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia and close proximately with the Gulf makes Pakistan a promising regional hub and an important market for intra and inter-regional trade and investment.


Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi
Prime Minister, Islamic
Republic of Pakistan

 Adviser's Message

The Board of Investment (BOI) is Pakistan’s premier investment promotion body, responsible for attracting, facilitating and promoting both local and foreign investment in Pakistan. Despite the downturn in the global economy, Pakistan has experienced the return of foreign investment, structural reforms implementation, improvement in the overall fiscal and monetary situation. Pakistan has attracted over 15 billion US dollars in Foreign Direct Investment since 2008.

Abdul Razak Dawood
Adviser on Investment with the status of Federal Minister,
Board of Investment

MOS / Chairman's Message

Pakistan is passing through an exciting transformation with increased regional connectivity through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), political stability and revival of economic growth to catch up with the East Asian economies. Like any other emerging market, the main challenge for Pakistan is to offer an attractive economic value proposition to both the domestic as well as the international investors. The key for Pakistan is to come up with a competitive economic growth strategy and institutionalized ways to ensure policy consistency to sustain and consolidate investor confidence in a huge market of over two hundred million consumers connected with the markets of Western China, West and Central Asia. 

Haroon Sharif
MOS / Chairman,
Board of Investment

Secretary's Message

The present democratic Government has adopted the policies of privatization, liberalization and deregulation of economy in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Investment Policy has been formulated to create an investors friendly environment with a focus on further opening up the economy and attract foreign direct investment and provide equal treatment to foreign and local investors.


Mr. Omer Rasul
Board of Investment